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Authentic Learning: The Miami-Ashdod Connection

Two high school classes - one in Scheck Hillel and the other in Ashdod, Israel - have been practicing their Hebrew and English language skills, respectively, via live Skype sessions. The idea came from Upper School Hebrew language teacher Galit Geigerwho wanted to make her students' Hebrew learning experience even more authentic. She teamed up with English teacher Zhenya Krinski, from Makif Yud Alef School in Ashdod, whose Grade 12 students meet with Scheck Hillel's Grade 10-11 students on Monday mornings for 6 weeks.   

"The students on both sides need to complete a series of structured assignments on themes of high interest, such as extracurricular activities, music, movies, family, and friends. The lesson plans are prepared in advance by both teachers," explained Ms. Geiger. "The students are engaged and enthusiastically involved." 

Scheck Hillel student Abraham Benzadon '21 agrees. "This is really fun and I enjoy learning the language and the culture, not from a book but from the real people." Classmate Noa Bentata '21 wrote that she gets to practice and improve her speaking skills. "I have relatives in Israel, and now, I have more reasons to visit." Andrea Strulovic '21 added, "Through these meetings I see the connection of our many years of Hebrew learning and what's going on in real life Israel, with real native speakers, who are students like us. It makes the learning experience more meaningful."