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Capstone Seminar: Preparing for College, Career, Adulthood

In Scheck Hillel Community School's Capstone Seminar, seniors are introduced to the concepts of marketing and advertising. One of their cohorts is taught by Opher Yunger, who incorporates real life experiences and lessons from his personal business. They explore how marketing impacts business and how word of mouth can be leveraged to support outreach initiatives. For their final projects, students collaborate in teams to develop a marketing plan and tactical campaign for a company of their choice. Students pitch presentations to a panel of 'clients' and evaluators, showcasing  skills they have developed in research, creativity, collaboration, public speaking and more.

As a new addition to the Capstone Seminar, seniors in the third cohort learn about personal budgeting, building investment portfolios and selling companies, in a unit taught by Cristina Florez, Experiential Learning & Internship Coordinator. Specific competencies include making market projections, analyzing data, building rapport and preparing sales presentations.

As Grade 12 students continue to pursue requirements toward a Scheck Hillel diploma, they rotate through courses in Capstone Seminar: one of Scheck Hillel's hallmark programs preparing students for college and career. Courses in General and Judaic Studies are led by Capstone faculty via seminar-style instruction, covering themes around identity, entrepreneurship, essentials of Judaism and other “big questions” that require interdisciplinary thinking.