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School News

Scheck Hillel Community School Invites American Hebrew Academy Students to Florida

Scheck Hillel Community School invites American Hebrew Academy students and families to contact the South Florida school for academic guidance or to apply for the 2019-2020 school year. Upon this week’s news of the Greensboro, North Carolina, school closing, Scheck Hillel is seeking South Florida host families and creating opportunities for student enrollment and faculty employment.

“Scheck Hillel welcomes American Hebrew Academy students with open arms and, as a fellow Jewish school, we are here to help in any and every way,” said Vanessa Donaher, Scheck Hillel’s Head of School. “Hillel is home for our school community, and we’re here to make it a second home for AHA as well.”
Families interested in the South Florida school are encouraged to visit eHillel.org/AHA or to contact Betty Salinas, Director of Admissions, at (786) 279-1661 or admissions@eHillel.org.