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School News

Orli Algranatti ’20: Mapping the Future Today

Well-rounded. Driven. Empathetic. These are some of the words that describe Orli Algranatti ’20, an aspiring veterinarian, student-athlete and leader who exemplifies the tenets of Scheck Hillel’s educational philosophy. Orli maximizes opportunities to achieve, explores her passions and fosters identity both in and out of the classroom.

She has thrived academically within Scheck Hillel’s demanding dual curriculum and participates in the Dual Enrollment program with Florida International University, earning college credit while in high school. She is also a devoted student athlete, playing varsity tennis, voIleyball and basketball for Scheck Hillel each season. She also plays competitive tennis outside of school.

Off campus, Orli interns at Skylake Animal Hospital, where she has immersed herself in the science and art of caring for animals. As a future veterinarian, she is looking to learn as much as possible about the field and develop mentoring relationships before college. This internship is part of Scheck Hillel’s Experiential Learning Program.  

Her plans for summer include studying for the SAT, working at the clinic and playing competitive tennis. In addition, Orli will represent Scheck Hillel at AJC’s July commemorative event to mark the 25th anniversary of the bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. During her summer visit to Israel, she will volunteer at the Jerusalem YMCA in a program that brings together a diverse group of teens who learn skills to live in peaceful coexistence. “This experience has taught me that there is hope to obtain peace in this world,” Orli reflected.  

When asked to look ahead to senior year, she remarked, “My plans are to keep pushing myself to maintain good grades and a good GPA, continue playing my hardest in my three sports to maintain a winning record for Scheck Hillel, keep going to the vet clinic to learn and experience new things, keep playing competitive tennis and volunteering at ACEing Autism, and apply to colleges in my intended major.”