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School News

Scheck Hillel Personalizes Pathways to College

The mission of Scheck Hillel's college guidance program is to help students and families find the university, college or program that best matches their needs, interests and abilities. Our college counselors are expert pathfinders who combine a student-centered approach with deep understanding of the college application landscape. Alexa Cohen '19, who will attend Vanderbilt University in the fall, chose the Early Decision pathway after considerable due diligence, including spending time on the college campus shadowing a student and attending classes, and speaking to the Vanderbilt admissions counselor who visited Scheck Hillel. Cecilia Grano de Oro, Alexa's personal Scheck Hillel college counselor, provided strategic advice and caring support throughout.

"With my counselor's help, I was able to write exceptional essays that highlighted my character and my achievements, and I was able to also speak to the Vanderbilt admissions officer, since the college counselors organized for her to come visit Hillel. Most importantly, I received a lot of caring support as I went through the waiting period," Alexa reflected.

Scheck Hillel’s College Counseling Office provides a comprehensive and individualized college counseling process for students and families, beginning in Grade 8 and progressing through Grade 12. College counselors provide up-to-date information and encourage open communication through an open-door policy, empowering students to maximize achievement, foster identity and explore passions. They are advocates for students both at Scheck Hillel and through relationships with colleges. They seek opportunities to enhance their professional development and utilize the benefits of NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counseling), SACAC (Southern Association of College Admissions Counseling), various university-sponsored college programs, the College Board, ACT, and other local, state, and national organizations.