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Record Number of Scheck Hillel Band Students Earn Highest Marks in District Solo & Ensemble Adjudication

A record 22 Scheck Hillel Community School students received a Superior rating - the highest possible - for solos performed in the 2019 District 20 Solo & Ensemble adjudication on January 31, 2019. In all, 32 Scheck Hillel students earned a Superior, Excellent or Good rating in the adjudication. Scheck Hillel hosted the event for its own members of the Band program as well as peers from Miami Country Day School.

As part of this nationwide program, student instrumentalists select and prepare pieces from an approved list of works, performing their solos with piano accompaniment before a State-certified adjudicator.

Each of the following students earned a Superior rating: Daniel Abbo, Grade 9 (clarinet); David Almog, Grade 7 (trumpet); Leonardo Bentata, Grade 10 (trumpet); Malvina Dimitri, Grade 9 (flute); Ellie Esquenazi, Grade 7 (clarinet); Eli Gelb, Grade 11 (tenor saxophone); Eva Gelb, Grade 7 (clarinet); Sadie Lemmer, Grade 6 (flute); Zachary Lemmer, Grade 9 (flute); Noah Levine, Grade 8 (alto saxophone); Julia Luck, Grade 7 (flute); Amit Miara, Grade 9 (flute); Orel Mizrahi, Grade 8 (mallet percussion); Valerie Nichols, Grade 6 (flute); Eduardo Novodzelsky, Grade 8 (french horn); Michael Rafalskyy, Grade 10 (baritone); Emily Rodman, Grade 12 (clarinet); Benjamin Ratzker, Grade 11 (alto saxophone); Hannah Stern,Grade 9 (trombone); Eyal Vaxman, Grade 7 (trumpet).

For the second consecutive year, Joi Alon, Grade 11 (alto saxophone) and Jayme Podgorowiez, Grade 12 (clarinet) each received a Superior rating and played a level of difficulty that advances them to the State level of Solo and Ensemble. State Solo & Ensemble will be held March 20-March 24, 2019, at Seminole High School in Sanford. Performance dates are to be assigned.

Each of these nine Scheck Hillel students each earned an Excellent rating: Jonathan Abbo, Grade 12 (alto saxophone);  Michael Berenstein, Grade 11 (alto saxophone); Salomon Delarosa, Grade 8 (trumpet); Raquel Dimitri, Grade 12 (trumpet); Eitan Garzon, Grade 8 (clarinet); Arie Lisker,Grade 7 (trombone); Yitzhak Lopez, Grade 6 (alto saxophone); Danielle Waijman, Grade 12 (trumpet);  Mirah Zack, Grade 12 (trumpet). Joshua Schmutter, Grade 11 (alto saxophone) received a Good rating.

"It is amazing to see the passion and drive that these students show every year,” said Matt Villa, Scheck Hillel’s band director. “More than doubling from 2018’s 15 participants to this year’s 32 is an amazing representation of the students motivating each other to grow Scheck Hillel’s arts program. These ratings show student determination; nothing comes between them and their development as musicians and as individuals.”

Since 2013, Scheck Hillel has hosted District 20's Thursday Solo & Ensemble adjudication to create an opportunity for South Florida’s student-musicians to participate in the adjudication and uphold their observance of Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath). This opportunity is made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) and Scheck Hillel Community School.
Arts education is a core component of Scheck Hillel Community School’s curriculum, from early childhood through high school. Instruction is offered through a framework of educational standards in a variety of disciplines, including music, theater and the visual arts. Scheck Hillel arts educators are highly-trained, nationally recognized instructors who spark a lasting appreciation for artistic expression. As students make personal choices for their creative outlets, they are able to deepen and continually improve their practice.

Research has shown that an arts education enhances academic achievement and school engagement, and enriches campus life. Students make personal choices for their creative outlets while gaining respect and understanding for all fine and performing art forms. Whether a student’s passion is learning to play the violin or painting a masterpiece, there is a place for everyone in Scheck Hillel’s Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program.