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School News

Todah Rabah HIP/PTA

Thank you to our incredible HIP/PTA volunteers for leading a successful Mishloach Manot exchange. Special thanks to all who participated in this Purim mitzvah to unite us all. Oh the places we'll go!

Ivette Behar, Co-Chair
Evelyn Marcushamer, Co-Chair

Susy Abbo
Jessica Mishaan Abbo
Micole Alkabes
Craig Carpentieri
Sary Cohen
Vanessa Donaher
Becky Esquenazi
Carla Fischbach
Anita Givner
Renee Kattan
Eliane Kravetz
Dr. Ezra Levy
Jennifer Naim
Sheryl Podgorowiez
Robin Rimon
Malka Rodrig
Shana Russo
Gabrielle Schpilberg
Beverly Silverman
Michele Simon
Dr. Monica Wagenberg
Tova Yemin
Janice Zarad