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Covid-19 Policies

Covid-19 Policies: Questions & Answers

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  • Why do we need COVID-19 policies?

    We all had hoped to start a new school year with the pandemic behind us. However, as public health reports grew more concerning, it was necessary to develop policies based on scientific indicators, risk-mitigation strategies and our focus on maintaining excellence in education. In consultation with Scheck Hillel’s Medical Advisory Committee, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Florida Department of Health, the policies outline our return to meaningful in-person programming and commitment to keeping our students in school.  The current state of the pandemic - regarding South Florida’s alarming positivity rates and the highly contagious Delta variant - requires us to act as one community: partnered in trust, responsible for one another and dedicated to our children. Changes in our community’s public health status call for continuous review and adjustment of policies. Please remember our core values and that our children model our behavior. As parents, faculty and staff, we must continue to uphold policies and do our part to keep our campus healthy and safe for all.

  • Why does my child need to wear a mask outside on campus? Do vaccinated individuals need to wear masks?

    Public health data indicates that vaccinated people can also spread the Delta variant of COVID-19. In addition, more than half of our students are not eligible for vaccination. A proven measure to mitigate risk for all is to wear masks indoors and outdoors, regardless of vaccination status.
  • What health protocols must parents take before students arrive at school?

    Families must complete the morning PikMyKid questionnaire before students arrive at school. Returning families, check your app for recent software updates. New families, visit eHillel.org/support for a tutorial to download the app. Temperatures are not being taken by school faculty and staff.
  • If I am vaccinated but presenting symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19, do my child and I still need to isolate and quarantine?

    Yes, CDC guidelines call for vaccinated individuals who present symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 to ​​isolate and quarantine. A 10-day isolation and quarantine of positive individuals, as well as their siblings and household members, will be enforced. Household members of positive individuals (e.g., siblings) may return to campus if they test negative (PCR) on Day 7. Once the household member’s negative test result is submitted to school, they can return to campus as soon as the Health & Wellness Office approves. 
  • If my child has a fever but not COVID-19, when can they return to campus?

    Students must be kept home when they feel ill. They can return to campus if fever-free (99.4°F or below) without fever-reducing medication for 48 hours, as well as a physician’s note confirming the child is not contagious. Students may not attend school within 48 hours of taking fever-reducing medication.
  • When can my child return to campus if they test positive for COVID-19?

    Your child and their siblings can return to campus after a 10-day isolation and quarantine and if fever and symptom-free without fever-reducing medication for the final 48 hours of the quarantine. Household members of positive individuals (e.g., siblings) may return to campus if they test negative (PCR) on Day 7. Once the household member’s negative test result is submitted to school, they can return to campus as soon as the Health & Wellness Office approves. 
  • What happens if someone in my family is diagnosed with COVID-19?

    If a student, employee or their household member tests positive for COVID-19, the parent/employee must immediately inform the school’s Health & Wellness Office (305.931.2831 x832 / nurse@eHillel.org). The Health & Wellness Office will walk you through next steps, following school protocol to protect your family, classmates and colleagues.
  • What happens if someone who was visiting my home tells me that they have since tested positive for COVID-19?

    Your children may continue attending school on campus while you closely monitor them and all other household members for COVID-19 symptoms. If any appear, immediately inform the school’s Health & Wellness Office (305.931.2831 x832 / nurse@eHillel.org), get a COVID-19 test, isolate and quarantine.
  • Does my child have to quarantine if a classmate tests positive for COVID-19?

    No. Classmates may remain on campus upon the diagnosis of a positive classmate or faculty member. Upon the rare event of more than one positive diagnosis in a classroom, additional protocols may be implemented.
  • How will my child participate in live remote learning if they are sent home to quarantine?

    If your child was quarantined by the school’s Health & Wellness Office, they will participate in live remote learning. 

    Lower School (Kindergarten-Grade 5) remote learning typically will begin within 24 hours, as soon as the Health & Wellness Offices confirms the need to quarantine and allotting time for faculty to properly assemble learning materials. Your child’s school counselor will call you the next school day to arrange a time for you to pick up all necessary materials from the Welcome Office. 

    Upper School (Grades 6-12) students will follow their class schedules and log into live remote learning as early as the day they go home, as soon as the Health & Wellness Offices confirms the need to quarantine.

    Remote Learning by Division

    If a student is sent home to quarantine, faculty will prepare a personalized mix of interactive hands-on and digital remote learning materials to extend learning into your home, based on the child's development and needs. For the young student’s benefit, it will not be a day of watching classmates learn together on campus. If and when an entire Early Childhood class is sent home, remote learning will be arranged, appropriate to students’ ages. 

    Kindergarten-Grade 3: If one student or a group of students is sent home, those students will attend a separate class via Zoom with a shorter online day. Applying best practices of remote learning, small groups, mini-lessons and independent learning will form most of the day’s instruction. 

    Grades 4-12: If one student or a group of students is sent home, those students will attend their standard class with classmates via Zoom.

    If an entire Lower School class is sent home, a modified schedule will closely mirror the day’s schedule. For the young students’ benefit, it will not be an entire day online. Live remote learning will apply best practices of remote learning, including small groups, mini-lessons, whole class and independent learning.
  • My family is awaiting test results for COVID-19 as we were possibly exposed at a family gathering. Can my child participate in remote learning while we await results?

    Not yet. Your child can participate in live remote learning within the following situations:
    • An individual is required to quarantine (They or someone in their home has tested positive for COVID-19.)
    • A class is required to quarantine (simultaneous multiple cases)
    • A student requires extended medical leave for a reason other than COVID-19, pending division approval
    To preserve the best in-person classroom experience, live remote learning is not permitted for standard absences like minor illness or family travel. In Kindergarten-Grade 12, absent students can watch recordings of entire classes on the same school day.
  • Will my child’s occupational and/or speech therapy sessions be permitted to take place on campus?

    Not yet; we will continue to monitor and provide updates under the guidance of our school’s Medical Advisory Committee. To prepare for a safe start to the new school year, campus is open exclusively for students, faculty, staff and essential personnel. 
  • How and where will lunch be served? Will seats be assigned?

    Lunch in Kindergarten-Grade 12 will be served and eaten outdoors (weather permitting) in designated areas by division, with students facing in a single direction, in unassigned seats. ECE students will eat in their classrooms. 
  • Are mainstream learning opportunities being offered throughout the day?

    Yes, standard mainstream learning opportunities are being offered, applying the campus COVID-19 protocols.

  • Are teachers offering academic support before/after the school day this year?

    Upper School teachers schedule their office hours for their choice of 7:15-8 AM and 4-4:45 PM; teachers will publish their respective hours upon school’s start. Lower School academic support will also be offered by teachers; Lower School’s Talmid (after-school academic support program) will not be offered this year. Please contact your child’s Lower School teacher to discuss any needs for academic support. 
  • Is the After-School Enrichment Program being offered this year?

    Yes! Scheck Hillel’s After-School Enrichment Program is an extension of the school’s curriculum, creating opportunities for students in PK3-Grade 12. Check out options and register at eHillel.org/afterschool.
  • Are performing arts and athletics being offered this year?

    Performing arts and team sports are being offered this school year. Relevant details will be provided closer to the start of the seasons. Following health guidelines, at this time, games and performances will be exclusive to students and faculty without spectators and audience members. As Miami-Dade positivity rates shift, Scheck Hillel intends to adapt. Fall sports tryouts and theatre auditions are scheduled for August. See the website calendar for details.
  • Are overnight field trips being offered this year?

    To date, the only overnight trips scheduled are our Spring 2022 High School Israel trips. For now, other overnight trips are unlikely. However, we will continue to monitor conditions and share the latest guidance before winter break.
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