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Scheck Hillel at Home

Scheck Hillel at Home: Increase of Live Instructional Time

    • (Spring 2019-2020 vs Fall 2020-2021)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What are examples of quarantine durations according to the indirect exposure policy updated in December 2020?

    Updated Quarantine Policy for Indirect Exposures
    As of January 5, those indirectly exposed may return to school when the person directly exposed submits an official negative PCR test result. This PCR test must be taken after 48 hours of quarantining from the date of the initial exposure. 

    Upper School Example
    Student A sits next to Student B. Student A's parent tests positive for COVID-19. Student B has been indirectly exposed.

    Previous Policy: We would send both Student A and Student B home for 14 days. 
    Revised Policy: Student B may return to school when Student A produces a negative PCR test taken after 48 hours of quarantining from the date of the initial exposure. Student A will remain home for the full 14 days of quarantine.

    Lower School Example
    Student A’s parent tests positive for COVID-19. 

    Previous Policy: We would send Student A, the entire class and the classmates’ siblings home for 14 days. 
    Revised Policy: The class and siblings may return to school when Student A produces a negative PCR test after 48 hours of quarantine. Student A will remain home for the full 14 days of quarantine.
  • What is the Precautionary 10-Day Quarantine Policy?

    Parents must keep their children home to attend class online for 10 days starting the day after any one of the following:
    • a child or household member is not feeling well yet has not been tested for COVID-19 (If they have been diagnosed with something other than COVID-19, they do not need to stay home for 10 days; our Student-Parent Handbook’s standard fever-free policy applies.)
    • a child or household member is awaiting COVID-19 test results or has received positive test results (If positive, 14 days)
    • a child or household member has engaged in high-risk activities like social gatherings of 10 or more people from more than one household who were either not wearing masks or not socially distanced outdoors 
    • a child or household member has been exposed to large groups of people who were either not wearing masks or not socially distanced
    Please inform your child’s school counselor if your child will be quarantining and attending class online after winter break.

    Yes, students will be able to access all classes from throughout the school day when absent or simply to watch again for extra review.

    Upon our return to campus, students will see and enjoy incredible physical campus enhancements as well as new technology like:
    • Brand new 75" flat panel displays in all classrooms to enhance in-person learning and concurrent online learning for those who choose to remain home.
    • Wide-angle cameras and wireless microphones in every classroom to ensure quality experiences for students in-person and at home. 
    • Campus-wide gigabit fiber optic internet and upgraded network, raising the bar in new equipment, capacity and speed.

    Central to our preparation to return to campus, we are installing plexiglass, touchless sanitzing stations, more touchless water fountains, touchless restroom sinks and toilets, sanitizing equipment in all classrooms and offices, personal protective equipment (PPE), and evaluating new technologies like UV-C light disinfection and contact tracing platforms. We also have developed the following policies and protocols.
    • Campus will be open exclusively for students and essential personnel.
    • Student schedules will be crafted to maintain low student:teacher ratios and minimize the potential for on-campus interaction.
    • Lunch will be delivered to Early Childhood and Lower School classrooms, taking measures for allergy restrictions.
    • Lunch will be served to Grades 6-12 from both sides of the current Rose and Lew Goodman Beit Midrash. Students will be dismissed from their classrooms just prior to lunch on staggered schedules and eat in their next period classrooms.
    • After-school programming will not be held on campus. Online options are being explored.
    • Campus cleaning will be increased throughout the school day and deeper daily sanitizing will protocols will occur between school days.
    • Temperatures will be taken upon campus entry for every student, employee and vendor. Anyone with a temperature above 99.5°F will not be permitted on campus. This will be strictly enforced.
    • Parents will be required to provide masks for students. Masks will be mandatory for all faculty, staff (campus-wide) and students in Kindergarten-Grade 12. Masks will be encouraged for students in PK3-PK4 and not required for students in PK2. Masks will be required for anyone entering campus, including parents and vendors.
    • Campus areas will be designated by zones to minimize campus interaction.
      • Students may only enter campus by car. Park & Walk is no longer permitted.
      • Students and employees will be trained to uphold all campus protocols.
      • If a student, employee or someone in his/her immediate household tests positive for COVID-19, the parents/employee must notify the school immediately. Scheck Hillel will follow CDC guidelines and adhere to school policies.
    • The Welcome Office has been moved to the Athletic Complex. This will be the only location parents will be permitted for late drop-off and early pick-up.
    • The Health & Wellness (Nurse) Office has been moved to the Athletic Complex and will include a designated isolation holding area. If anyone on campus presents symptoms of COVID-19, he/she will remain in the Health & Wellness Office’s isolation area until he/she leaves campus.
    • Sanitizing equipment and supplies will be added to all classrooms and offices.
      • Students, faculty and staff will be required to wash hands before/after entering a classroom, eating, outdoor play and using the restroom.
      • In addition, students will be provided with supplies to wipe down their own desks, personal computers and pertinent school supplies upon starting class.
      • PE will be taught outdoors with only contact-free or limited contact activities. Lower School recess will be held on the playground or in other outdoor areas with a limited number of children at a time and coordinated around an increased cleaning schedule.
      • To minimize campus interaction, Lower School students will remain in their respective classrooms for the entire day; faculty will go to them. 
      • In-person gatherings will be held one class at a time without parents (ex. Shabbat B’Yachad). Mass in-person assemblies will not be held. When practical, events with parents will be held online. 
    • Field trips will not be held until further notice.
    • Talmid (after-school tutoring) will be offered online.

    We have established Scheck Hillel’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund to assist families with 2020-2021 tuition, recognizing the hardship this crisis has placed on so many. We are committed to helping our community and, in this ever-changing landscape, it is crucial that we provide our children with stability. If you need tuition assistance due to COVID-19, please visit eHillel.org/covid-19-emergency-aid. If you would like to contribute to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund, please write to give@eHillel.org.

    For academic questions, please contact your child’s division director.

    Dr. Monica Wagenberg, Head of Juda and Maria Diener Lower School (305.931.2831 x139)
    Mr. Joshua Meisels, Director of Samuel and Henrietta Scheck Middle School (305.931.2831 x191)
    Mr. Christopher Johnson, Director of High School (305.931.2831 x126)
    For Admissions questions, please contact our Admissions office at 305.931.2831 x173 or admissions@eHillel.org.
    For Finance questions, please contact our Finance office at 305.931.2831 x194 or finance@eHillel.org
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