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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors encourages school members to become involved in one of Scheck Hillel’s many volunteer committees and associations. Thank you for your continued partnership as we move forward on our path to provide students with the finest Jewish education. Together, we are taking Hillel from strength to strength. 

Board of Governors
2015-2016 / 5775-5776

Carlos Berner, Chair 
 Marty Scheck*, Vice Chair
Uri Benhamron, Treasure
Gary Mars*, Secretary 
David Wolf*, Immediate Past Chair
Susy Abbo
Joe Ackerman
Michelle Amselem*  
Mijael Attias
Lia Brod
Dr. Judith Dach 
Max Fischbach 

Anita Givner, HIP/PTA Chair
Isaac Marcushamer
Rafael Russ
Dana Yemin Schrager*
Ronit Shiro
Marcos Singer* 


*Scheck Hillel Alumnus/a

If you would like to learn about Scheck Hillel’s leadership opportunities, please write to board@eHillel.org.

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