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Posted 02/05/2016 12:36PM
Posted 02/01/2016 11:12AM


  Scheck Hillel Community School
   HIP/PTA 9th Annual Schoolwide Mishloach Manot Exchange

Detailed Instructions:

1. This fundraiser is exclusively online, so please login at https://hillel.happypurim.com/ and enter your personal code and your last name as instructed. Then click "Login”. 

2. Click "Continue" to verify and/or modify your personal information.  Only you will be able to see your own personal information including title, address, and children's names. Once done, click "Save & Continue" at the bottom of that page to proceed to the order page.  

3. There are several ways to make your selections. You can either: 

     a. See the entire school list at once including all parents and staff, or

     b. Click a subcategory where it states, "select category list" and view by grade for parents and by division for teachers. You can also find subcategories for administration and support staff. Teachers and assistants are also included with the grade in which they teach, or

    c. Send to the whole school, including all employees, for $1,800.

4. When you are finished making your selections, you also have the opportunity to "reciprocate." If you select this option, you agree to pay for a gift for anyone who has sent you one but who you did not originally select on your list. You will be charged an additional $7 per gift. Your credit card will be charged a second charge after the ordering deadline, and you will receive subsequent email receipt. To "reciprocate,” you must first place an order for at least 5 recipients

5. Click the "Order" button to submit & pay.

Thank you so much for participating in this wonderful mitzvah!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anita Givner at (305)725-5643 or ari93@aol.com.

Our Mission:

HIP/PTA (Hillel Involved Parents) mission is to bring parents, teachers and administrators together to enrich the school community and to raise funds to enhance Hillel programs as well as campus improvements, which benefit all of our children.

Our Belief:

Parent involvement is a powerful tool that enhances learning, behavior and children's attitude towards school. 


HIP/PTA allocated over $50,000 for the 2013-2014 school year and proudly participated in funding events and campus improvements including the following:

Grade 9 Israel trip
Café Hillel
Havdalah and Torah Workshops
In-House field trips
Document Cameras
Speaker series
Apple TVs
Auditorium Stage remodeling
Montessori materials for ECE 


  • All Scheck Hillel parents are invited and encouraged to attend meetings, join committees and lend their support to help Scheck Hillel fulfill its mission to provide our children with the finest Jewish education.
  • HIP/PTA will hold Informational and educational meetings presenting guest speakers on a variety of health related subjects relevant to kids and parents on campus in the Kunin Library Media Center.
All meetings will be held 8:15AM-9:30AM in the Kunin Library Media Center

9/10/15: Tailgate
10/11/15: Kosher Food Bank Scavenger Hunt
11/2-6/15:Scholastic Book Fair
3/21-23/16:  Mishloah Manot
5/12/16: Chopped 


 Write to HIP@eHillel.org for more information on how to get involved!

Scheck Hillel Community School

19000 NE 25th Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33180
Ph 305 931 2831

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