Welcome to Scheck Hillel's Leadership & Learning Blog: a digital platform for Grade 6-12 students to document their personal journeys of learning as our rising generation of creators, innovators and leaders.Throughout the year, students post about innovations within topics like STEM, social entrepreneurship, community collaboration, creative design and, overall, tikkun olam to better our world. To submit a post, please email Mr. Craig Carpentieri, Chief Academic Officer.

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Happy (Adj.) - Delighted, Pleased, or Glad, as over a Particular Thing

Written by Jonathan Abbo, Grade 10

What is happiness? To most, it would seem that happiness is a sentiment that comes with significant superficial personal gains. To Tal Ben-Shahar, the former professor of Positive Psychology at Harvard University, happiness is solely a conglomeration of choices made throughout one’s life. Dr. Ben-Shahar postulates that each and every decision one makes affects their happiness in one way or another. In essence, he says, the five major decisions that are responsible for dictating one’s happiness are:

1.  Allowing oneself to be human and make mistakes
2.  Showing gratitude
3.  Cultivating healthy relationships (and understanding that there is no replacement for real, intimate human interaction)
4.  Exercise
5.  …

Posted by FELDG on Friday March 24
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Weather Station Project

Written by David Lechter, Grade 9 

One day after the beginning of the school year, Ms. Jessica Best, our Earth Space Science teacher, proposed a project idea to Grade 8 and 9 students. It was to build a full Oregon Scientific Weather Station, which contains sensors that can provide useful information about the weather and environment.

The students who committed to this project were Joshua Schmutter (Grade 9), Tanya Almog (Grade 8), Shira Rodrig (Grade 8), Gaby Bonwitt (Grade 8), Denise Yudowitch (Grade 8), and David Lechter (Grade 9). Ms. Best and Mr. Craig Carpentieri (Scheck Hillel’s Chief Academic Officer) were kind enough to help us through the process whenever we had a question or issue. These students had to sacrifice their time to complete this project, and it was …

Posted by Greg Feldman on Wednesday March 8
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Soccer for Good

Rachelle Murciano, Grade 11

Ever since I was little, I loved to play soccer. My mom was raised in Ecuador, so most of my family lives there. Every time I would go, I would see little kids my age working, selling newspapers or candy in the streets. This broke my heart because I didn’t think that it was fair that these kids were not getting the childhood they rightfully deserved. Three years ago, I created a soccer summer camp for underprivileged girls aged 8-12 in Quito called CAFUNIT. I found that this camp was a way to combine my love for soccer as well as my passion for helping out in the community. I partnered with a non-profit organization serving girls, and raised funds by selling raffle tickets and receiving donations through GoFundMe. The money raised went to buying uniforms,…

Posted by FELDG on Thursday February 16
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