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Posted 05/19/2017 11:55AM
Posted 05/19/2017 10:20AM

Alumni Notes 

We love to know what our alumni are up to since their years at Scheck Hillel. Please complete the form to the right to share news of weddings, births, lifecycle events and personal accomplishments. Click below to see recent alumni notes. 

Mazal Tov

Mazal tov to Deborah (‘97) Chonin-Schwartzberg and Hanan (‘97) Schwartzberg on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Moshe, in  Israel. Proud grandparents are Andrea & Neil Chonin and Dr. Rhea & Leo Schwartzberg. Dr. Schwartzberg is a member of Scheck Hillel’s faculty. 

Mazal Tov to Roy Altman  on  the  publication of his article, “Schumer Says  the  Right  Thing on the Iran Deal — Now He Needs to Persuade Eleven More Senators,” in the National Review this summer. Roy is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale  Law  School,  former  deputy chief of special prosecutions in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami, and a partner at the law firm Podhurst Orseck.


Alumna Nicole Worthalter and David Sutton ('98) were married in January. Nicole is the daughter of Hanna and Dr. Peysaf Worthalter. David is the son of Francine and Edward Aronowitz. Mazal tov!

Magali Halle and Josh Orlinsky ('09) were married in December. Magali is the daughter of Marisa and Danny Halle. Josh is the son of Jacy and Steven Orlinsky.

Sheina Stiberman ('12) and Robert Dalis were married in December. Sheina is the daughter of Keila and Sergio Stiberman. Robert is the son of Elena and Michael Dalis. Mazal tov!

Micaela Zino ('12) and Ohad Einhorn were married in December. Micaela is the daughter of Adela and Ron Gottesmann and Ben-Zion Zino. Ohad is the son of Nirit and Haim Einhorn. Mazal tov!

Natalie Bursztyn (‘05) and Sion Tesone were married this summer. Natalie is the daughter of Diana & Yonatan Bursztyn. Sion is the son of Marlen & Eli Tesone. Mazal tov!

Gaby Fleischman (’06) and Richard Harris were married in May. Gaby is the daughter of Victorine & Victor Fleischman. Richard is the son of Mary & Stuart Harris. Mazal tov! 

Jessica Wiznitzer and Rudi Slochowski (‘06) were married in October. Jessica is the daughter of Mariana & David Wiznitzer. Rudi is the son of Irene & Avishai Slochowski. Mazal tov! 


Mazal tov to Sari (Azout) (’02) and Shlomo Khoudari, who welcomed their son, Jacobo. Proud grandparents are Gilda & Jack Azout and Jacqueline & Benjamin Khoudari.

Mazal tov to Tely and Dr. Avner ('99) Yemin, who welcomed their son, Ariel Moshe. Proud grandparents are Shela & David Gozal and Tova & Moshe Yemin. Tova is a member of our Juda and Maria Diener Lower School faculty

Mazal tov to Monica (Morjain) ('04) and Dr. Harry Salinas, who welcomed their son, Alexander Marc. Proud grandparents are Elizabeth & Marcos Morjain and Camila & Alberto Salinas.

Mazal tov to alumni Erica (Feldenkreis) ('03) and Albert Lichy ('03), who welcomed their son, Moshe Judah. Proud grandparents are Ellen & Oscar Feldenkreis and Kathy & Max Lichy. 

Mazal tov to Susan Morjain Sperling (’00) and Michael Sperling, who welcomed their daughter, Alexa Rochelle. Proud grandparents are Elizabeth & Marcos Morjain and Leigh & Don Sperling.

Mazal tov to Nicole and Daniel (’95) Perez, who welcomed their son, Zack. Proud grandparents are Perla & William Marcovici and Carole & Leon Perez.

Mazal tov to Michelle (Haim) (‘96) and Neil Davidson, who welcomed their son, Harry Robert. Proud grandparents are Fanny & David Haim and Patricia & Ashley Davidson.

Mazal tov to Tila (Falic) (‘99) and Moshe Levi, who welcomed their twins, Eliana Rochelle and Eitan Haim. Proud grandparents are Jana & Simon Falic and Ahuva & Yakov Levi.

Mazal tov to Vickee (Aronowitz) and Jack (’01) Minski, who welcomed their daughter, Vivian. Proud grandparents are Margarita Minski, Karen & Jose Minski and Francine & Edward Aronowitz.

Mazal tov to Eliza and Benjamin (’02) Dach, who welcomed their son, Henry Jay. Proud grandparents are Judy & Randy Stein and Drs. Judy & Jeffrey Dach. Judy Dach is a member of Scheck Hillel’s Board of Governors.

Mazal tov to Pearl (Levy) (‘03) and Mor Ben- Yoram, who welcomed their son, David Gabriel. Proud grandparents are Ilana & Rafi Levy and Mali & Itzik Ben-Yoram. 

Mazal Tov to Nancy and Michael (‘03) Yativ, who welcomed their daughter, Emily. Proud grandparents are Alicia Ferreira and Lilian & Yossi Yativ. Yossi is a member of Scheck Hillel’s faculty.

Mazal tov to Evelyn (Mendal) (‘04) and Joshua Brill, who welcomed their daughter, Liv Dora. Proud grandparents are Susy & Isaac Mendal, Karen Cheis and Baruch Brill.

Mazal tov to Sara (Feigenbaum) (’04) and Dr. Jesse (’06) Glueck, who welcomed their son, William Leo. Proud grandparents are Linda & David Feigenbaum and Sharon & Steven Glueck. Linda is a Scheck Hillel school counselor.

Mazal tov to Shena (Falic) (‘05) and Eli Dominitz, who welcomed their son, Benjamin Chaim. Proud grandparents are Jana & Simon Falic and Rivka & Motti Dominitz.

Mazal tov to Keren (Reznik) (‘05) and Isaac Fisboin, who welcomed their son, Natan Gabriel. Proud grandparents are Lily Reznik, Doron Reznik and Rosa Voloj.

Mazal tov to Stephanie and Gabriel (‘05) Gilinski, who welcomed their son, Daniel. Proud grandparents are Susan Seinjet, Albert Douer and Raquel & Jaime Gilinski.

Mazal tov to Dalia and Daniel (’06) Gutman, who welcomed their daughter, Ariela Mor. Proud grandparents are Mally & Asher Gutman, Elias Sabbagh and Ilana & Leonard Traub. Leonard is Scheck Hillel’s Chief Financial Officer.

Mazal tov to Jennie (Falic) (‘09) and Eliott Rimon (‘09), who welcomed their son, Jacob. Proud grandparents are Debbie & Jerome Falic and Robin & Avraham Rimon. Robin is a member of Scheck Hillel’s faculty.

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