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Class of 2019 College Bootcamp

The class of 2019 gathered August 22-23 for Scheck Hillel's College Application Bootcamp, opening the application season for Scheck Hillel Community School's nearly 80 seniors. The school's college counseling team taught and worked with students on the various stages of students' applications.
College Counseling Co-Directors Alexandra Gonzalez and Cecilia Grano de Oro were excited to kick off the year with our seniors. They explained, "Scheck Hillel's College Application Boot Camp builds off of the important skills gained in the College and Career Readiness course that students took last year. We worked to provide a comprehensive overview of the college application process, taking concrete steps to navigate the submission of applications. At Boot Camp, students focused on populating Common and Coalition Applications, utilizing Naviance, and understanding the importance of creating a compelling and cohesive application through well-crafted essays and activity lists."
Rabbi Avi Greene, Ed.D., Director of Israel Guidance, shared details about Israel Gap Year Programs, "College Bootcamp is so powerful because it allows students to get a jump on preparing for their college and gap year applications. Students leave with a clear path and measurable expectations of what they need to accomplish in order to finish applying to college and programs in Israel."
We can't wait to share Class of 2019's accomplishments. B’hatzlachah!