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Alumni Train Students for Moot Beit Din Contest

Rabbi Rodney Feinerman prepared his Moot Beit Din students in a very special way: he invited two Scheck Hillel alumni from the Class of 2000 - lawyers Michael Hoffman and Michael Wolgin - to cross-examine them. 
The guests peppered the students with questions and scenarios, revealing strengths and areas for improvement. All of this in preparation for the annual Moot Beit Din International Competition (Canada, Israel and the United States), which engages students in a contemporary ethical issue. Prior to the contest, students are presented with a case and a sourcebook containing a variety of Jewish texts; it is the students' job to establish a position and defend it using halachah and textual sources, along with present-day perspectives.
Rabbi Feinerman remarked, "It was a special thrill for the alumni to be back in the classroom and inspiring for the students to engage with them as well!"
We wish Sara Haime, Sadie Lemmer, Ilana Mareyna, Shalom Lev Meisels and Sara Woldenberg all the best; they demonstrated incredible analytical skills, knowledge and effort in their prep work. Thank you to Rabbi Feinerman for guiding them with rigor and high expectations, and to our amazing alumni for bringing invaluable perspective to the students.