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Grade 8 Students Seek Answers Through Science

Nearly 80 projects were on display at Thursday's Grade 8 Science Fair, showcasing independent student work over four months. Students conducted research in areas such as technology, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics and social sciences. Applying the scientific method, they sought answers to questions such as:

-What method is better for success in tests: hand-written notes or digital notes?
-Which type of net does a better job removing trash from the ocean? 
-Does the percentage of amino acids in the food affect how much a fish will eat?
-Which type of compost works better for plant growth: home-made or store-bought?

Students implemented each step of the scientific method, discovering how real-world research is conducted and how great discoveries are often fueled by curiosity. A panel of faculty and High School student volunteers, including Grade 8 science teacher and Science Fair coordinator Dr. Angela Williams, judged and scored projects using a detailed rubric that evaluates areas like design and testability.  

Three student projects will advance to the Regional fair.