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Scheck Hillel's 10th Grade Thesis Expo Celebrates Independent Learning

Scheck Hillel’s Grade 10 Thesis Expo, the annual showcase of student-developed innovations, illustrated once again how passion and curiosity can ignite learning in unique ways. 
The Thesis is a required independent study course which gives students the opportunity to select a topic of interest and explore it deeply throughout the school year. They develop timelines for research, design and hands-on work, continually revising as the projects unfold. The value of an independent project lies in a student’s ability to determine the scope of a project, manage time by establishing key milestones, and demonstrating accountability. Faculty mentor Cristina Florez supports students from start to finish. Expo highlights this year included hand-made fashion from the 1800s, a campus hydroponic garden revived through the new Horticultural Club, a fitness program and video demo guide, DIY tzitzit tying options, and many more. A salient outcome of these projects was social-emotional engagement: while describing their projects, students exuded pride in ownership and connection with the topic. View the full album here.