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On International Women's Day, We Salute the Modern Jewish Woman

On International Women's Day and every day, Scheck Hillel recognizes the strength of our community - of our People - that comes from our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, teachers and all of the loved ones and mentors who guide us and came before us. You inspire our rising generation of daughters and sons.

In recent weeks, we celebrated the return of the Modern Jewish Woman program. Grade 11 families gathered to honor the women who have raised and taught them, as well as women from the pages of history books. Remarkable installations recounted the stories of courage and spirit that nurtured Jewish traditions m’dor l’dor, from generation to generation. Guest speaker Lisa Baratz shared her own journey as a modern Orthodox Jewish mother, grandmother, educator and attorney. Kol HaKavod to the students and their teachers, Dr. Hana Barouk and Rabbi Elie Ganz. And thank you to every eshet chayil in the lives of our students.

Lielle Daniel '23
reflected on the Modern Jewish Woman interview project she and Tammy Chehebar '23 created within the Grade 11 Modern Jewish History and Jewish Ethics classes taught by Dr. Hana Barouk and Rabbi Elie Ganz. The exhibit brings families together to celebrate Jewish history and legacy with a spotlight on the role of women. 

"Vera Anne Hirsh is an amazing and strong woman who represents what it means to be a Modern Jewish Woman. Throughout her life, Vera has expressed that even with roadblocks in her path she has always pushed forward and even welcomed them to motivate her to excel. Simultaneously, this astonishing woman built her own school and built a family with her husband Charles. For all the hard work and her groundbreaking accomplishment, she has won the award for breaking the glass ceiling, which was very well-deserved. She accomplished so much in her lifetime, all while being openly Jewish. Vera has never viewed Judaism and its laws as a hindrance. Instead, she has welcomed it into her life and is recognized by her community as an accomplished Jewish woman."