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Scheck Hillel Parent Shares Wisdom from Aviation Career

High School met Scheck Hillel parent (Tomas ‘19, Martin ‘21) and brand-builder Gianfranco “Panda” Beting, a veteran of the aviation industry and founder of two airlines. Mr. Beting’s fascination with airplanes began in childhood, and he has dedicated his life to the field. As a business leader, one of his key organizational principles is to create a culture around the values of the brand and to reinforce them in every facet of the business. Look upward for Breeze Airways in 2021!

“Panda” Beting by the Numbers:
9,000 flying hours
16 books written about aviation
1000+ model plane collection
2 airlines founded

Advice to students:
"Leave your cell phones and go back to books. Have deep, thorough conversations with others."