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Scheck Hillel Science Fair Showcases Research

Scheck Hillel Science Fair Showcases Research
Want to buy a better toothbrush? Or effectively block WiFi transmission inside your home? Our budding scientists have done the research for you! Scheck Hillel Community School's 2019 Juda and Maria Diener Lower School Science Fair showcased 75 projects from students in Grades 3-5, filling the Athletic Complex with creative displays and enthusiastic oral presentations. Nilam Patel, Lower School science teacher, tasked her students with grade-specific challenges, from applying the experimental method and design thinking to testing through observation. 
"Each grade level focused on a particular concept, such as magnetism or energy," Patel said. Sophie Arias, Michelle Berner and Gabriela Koenig (all Grade 5) discovered that toothbrushes with regular plastic bristles did a better job than silicone and bamboo brushes at cleaning egg shells. Enrique Carreno, Abraham Zfaz and Adrian Cohen (all Grade 5) found that aluminum foil does the best job of creating an effective barrier between your WiFi router and your devices. As far as battery strength is concerned, Grade 4 students Daniel StibermanJulia Jerusalmi,  Andre Alperowitch and Rebecca Levy, concluded that a well-known brand is not necessarily the most powerful. 
Faculty judges awarded ribbons to the top projects based on criteria that included how well students worked together and managed their project deadlines. 
Grade 3
- Rocket Balloon Experiment:  Zachary Abenhaim, Alan Birnbaum, Isaac Gross, Jacqueline Khoudari, Sofia Schpilberg
- Magnets Attract: Adi Rimon, Ariel Feig, Davi Eliasquevici, Samy Krawiecki, Matthew Sragowicz
- The Floating Paperclip: Eva Winterman, Mijal Furman, Aaron Benacerraf, Clara Shienbaum, Sol Lekach
- Slinky Fun: Ami Kattan, Elizabeth Hardoon, Eric Volovisky, Charles Sandoval, Valeria Zyman
Grade 4
Heat Capacity of Liquids: Leah Benarroch, Jeremy Dejman, Alexa Dichi, Alejandro Strulovic 
- Hot Stuff: Alan Agay, Sonia Calef, Lily Koplowitz, Jonathan Kleyman
- Stop, Drop, Don't Roll: Daniel Singer, Joseph Akerstain, Alejandro Carreno, Rafael Chaberman
- Let's Get Charging: Talia Brener, Alex Haime, Anael Haratz, Habib Levy
Grade 5
- Incubating Chicks: Rachel Fishman, Esther Tamir
- Magnet Key: Tamara Berner
- Wifi Blocker: Enrique Carreno, Adrian Cohen, Abraham Zfaz
Flower Power: Eden Edelboim
The world of science is the world of discovery. At Scheck Hillel, from the early childhood years through Grade 5, students explore, measure, weigh, observe, ponder and reflect on the world around them through disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, nutrition, electricity and earth science as part of the overall Design/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) curriculum. Adapting to Lower School's grade and age levels, all units of study emphasize the science processes of observing, comparing, measuring, communicating, classifying, ordering, recognizing relationships, predicting, inferring, formulating and using models, interpreting data, hypothesizing, identifying and controlling variables, and conducting experiments.
Starting in Kindergarten, science expands into the lab designed for Lower School instruction. Hands-on learning is paired with textbook reading, discussion and classroom research. The curriculum fosters critical thinking skills and collaborative learning that lead to inquiry and problem solving. Students develop a respect for the views of others and gain an understanding of their world and themselves.