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Campus Life

Summer Fun Program

Enrichment + Friends + Fun = Summer @ Scheck Hillel

Create Your Own TedTalk...Digital Photography...Fantasy Sports..Fractured Fairy Tales...Fitness...Coding & Animation...Cooking...Creative Writing...Friends and More!

Summer Fun Program

Scheck Hillel Community School’s Summer Fun Program offers rising Kindergarten-Grade 8 students the opportunity to learn and explore new creative outlets through the lenses of art, science, entrepreneurship, technology and personal fitness. Our experienced teachers* focus on the educational development and social experiences that bring students together in an engaging, safe online environment. Students will delve into new discoveries, reconnect with friends and make new ones before school starts, and recharge for the fall. It’s the ultimate summer experience for kids of all ages! 

Upcoming Sessions
Flexible 2-week sessions
July 13 - July 24
July 27 - August 7

Registration for Session 1 Closes Friday, June 12, at 3 PM
Kindergarten-Grade 2: 9 am - 3 pm with breaks for morning snack (10-11 AM) and lunch (12-1 PM)
Grades 3-5: 9-11:00 AM AND/OR 1-3 PM 
Grades 6-8: 9-11:00 AM AND/OR 1-3 PM 

This inclusive program is open to enrolled students as well as Jewish children who may not attend Scheck Hillel.

Tuition includes specialty supplies.

Imagination has no limit, but classroom space does. Click here to register today!

For details, please contact Nata LeviSummer Fun Program Director.

Kindergarten - Grade 2

List of 5 items.

  • Art with Morah Rosa Bitton

    In this class, you will learn basic art skills, experiment with different types of art creation, and grow as young artists.
  • Build-A-Word

    Phonics and Spelling in a fun way
  • Fitness

    In this class, students will enjoy mental and physical exercise designed to increase awareness of their emerging identities. By realizing higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence, and the power of positivity, students will develop their own “cosmic coolness” and have some fun!
  • Science with Shoshana Mitrani

    Learn how to create slime, rockets, and edible science creations using materials already in your home. 
    (This course is available for session 2,3 & 4)
  • Story with a Twist

    We will read the students classic and award-winning children’s literature. Such books include The Rainbow Fish, Curious George, Dr. Seuss books, etc. We will read and discuss the book, the author’s life and background, as well as important literary devices such as symbolism. This class will also work on improving students’ listening comprehension skills. We will also discuss topics in each book as they relate to the world around us (for instance, in The Rainbow Fish, we will discuss why the fish’s scales shimmered due to reflection). Each class, depending on the book we read, we will have different activities that may include cooking, science, or crafts. For instance, when we read The Lorax, we will plant a seed to grow a tree. 

Grades 3-5

List of 5 items.

  • Creative Writing and Journalism with Jason Touvi

    Students will be able to compose their own short stories, poems, journal responses, and diary entries. We will work on creating interesting storylines, create unique characters, and structure stories with a beginning, middle, and "twist!" We also will look at the five W's and H (who, what, why, when, and where  and how) when reporting on stories and doing research in the journalism portion of the class. Students will research topics that interest them (e.g. archaeology, science, technology, current events, fads, trends, etc.). 
  • Fractured Fairy Tales

    What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn't really bad? What happens when the point of view changes? This class will explore several fairy tale stories that look into a changing perspective. They will also learn about the six story elements: main characters, setting, time period, point of view, main problem, and ending. Then, students will use these skills to write and illustrate their own fairy tales with a twist.
  • Maker Math with Nancy Penchev

    We will be creating and building based on math concepts. Students will use crafty materials and recyclable materials from around your house to create math in a visual way. 
  • Mindfulness in The Madness with Laurie Parker

    Students will practice mindfulness and movement during these sessions. They will learn about the mind-body connection, breathing, and increasing flexibility and HEALTH & WELLNESS through yoga practices.
  • Using Coding and Animation To Tell A Story with Nancy Penchev

    In this class we will learn to create animations using Coding and MovieMaking tools. We will retell stories we have heard and create new stories to share. 

Grades 6-8

List of 12 items.

  • Around the World in 30 Days with Christopher Gammill

    In this class, students will take a "trip around the world" while learning about the physical geography (topography of the earth, natural boundaries), cultural geography (customs, languages, religions, governments), and political geography (state boundaries & legal territories). 
  • Because I Said So! Debate Club

    This class will help students to speak and clarify thoughts, research, and articulate ideas with conviction and confidence.
  • Create Your Own TedTalk with Christopher Gammill

    TedEd is an educational offshoot of Ted, a program recognized for its method of spreading ideas through short, powerful talks. TedEd focuses on teaching students the art of storytelling as well as public speaking. Throughout the camp, each student will create their own TedTalk and will present it to an audience at the culmination of the course.
  • Current Events Comics

    We will have fun reading about current events and making comics out of them. Students will read articles and then extract the main idea and summary. They will decide how to convert the article into a comic using the most important parts. Comics will include conversation by the characters as well as drawing. Comics will be uploaded and shared with the group orally.
  • Digital Photography

    Strike a pose! Learn how to take the perfect picture! Learn how to better use all the amazing features on your digital camera, smart phone, or iPad. Master the art of composition, photo editing, archiving and display. And yes, we will also explore the artful use of selfies.
  • Entrepreneurship Christopher Gammill

    We will define what entrepreneurship means and identify the skills an entrepreneur needs to succeed. After researching several entrepreneurs, we will explore our own entrepreneurial talents. Building on an idea, a business plan will be developed. The plan will include the financials, marketing, and personnel factors to name a few. The culmination of the course will be an entrepreneur idea "pitch" in front of a virtual investor panel. 
  • Fantasy Sports - Master The Game! with Christopher Gammill

    Students conduct statistical analysis and learn fantasy drafting techniques to win their league. Rules and variations of different leagues and fantasy scoring are discussed. Class will focus on American football. Open to new and experienced fantasy football fans!
  • Food Science

    Why does candy taste so good? We will learn the science behind food and work together to create some tasty treats using our new knowledge of chemistry!
  • Let’s Get organized with Malka Braunshweiger

    Many students find it difficult to remember their various school assignments and responsibilities, as well as out of school activities and familial engagements. In this class, students will be introduced to a fun way to record all weekly responsibilities and activities, by decorating and personalizing their planners.  We will use calendar pages, stickers, and decorative washi tape. Students will learn the value of 'to do' lists and also special lettering styles and tricks to be used in their planners. This twist on basic planner keeping is fun and has proven to help students stay on task and effectively keep track of all their weekly responsibilities.
  • Sign It!

    "Listen with your eyes." This week long class is a great way for you to build a strong foundation in the everyday vocabulary of American Sign Language.
  • Summer Science Extravaganza with Angela Williams

    The Virtual Summer Science Extravaganza will consist of a combination of students doing at-home projects and/or labs, instructor demos, and other fun engaging activities such as karaoke, and science-related scavenger hunts. Below is a list of some activities:
    -Ice Cream Making
    -Dry Ice Science
    -"Rock & Roll" Rock Candy
    -Roller Coaster Design
    -Water Bottle Rocket Challenge
    -Plant Science
    -Balloon Racing
    -Fingerprinting & Forensics
    -America's Next "Top Model" (Design a model of an item using recycled materials)
    -Acid/Base Science with 'Show and Tell'
    -DNA Extraction
    -Science Scavenger Hunt
    -Elephant Toothpaste Demo
    -Gummy Bear and Potassium Chlorate Demo
    -Virtual Frog Dissection
    -Gummy Bear Osmosis
    -Egg Cell Osmosis
    -Bubble Gum Science
  • The Total Show with Andrew Butler

    We will produce a variety show by learning new talents and recording feature videos, which will be woven together into a "Today Show," starring us!  Students will choose between features including physical workouts; cooking and baking with taste tests; reporting on current events; outdoor challenges focused on plants, animals, and cool sites in your neighborhood; photography; reviews of books, stories, film, TV, products, gaming, or videos; interviews of interesting people; performing random acts of kindness; musical and artistic expression; and other student-generated ideas.  Think of this as our own TV show, where we will work together to learn about, plan, execute, record, and edit our videos to put together an entertaining and educational variety show, which we can then share with as many viewers as we like.  We need all types of optimistic and fun-loving students to be our reporters and editors. If you are willing to try new things and to teach others what you learn, this is for you!
*The program is predominantly staffed by experienced Scheck Hillel Community School faculty. Classes are capped to ensure student:teacher ratio and experience. 

Juda and Maria Diener Lower School | Samuel and Henrietta Scheck Middle School | Ben Lipson Upper School