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Campus Life

Summer Fun Program

Enrichment + Friends + Fun = Summer Fun Week
@ Scheck Hillel Community School
STEAM…Fitness...Art… Music...Gardening… Cooking...Friends and More!

Summer Fun Program

Scheck Hillel Community School’s Summer Fun Program offers rising PK3-Grade 2 students the opportunity to learn and discover new creative outlets through the lenses of STEAM, Art, Music, Gardening, and personal fitness. Our experienced teachers focus on the educational development and social experiences that bring students together in an engaging, safe environment. Students will delve into new fields, reconnect with friends and make new ones before school starts, and recharge for the fall. It’s the ultimate summer experience for Scheck Hillel Community School students!

Upcoming Sessions
August 1st - August 5th, 2022
9 am - 3 pm

This inclusive program is open to Scheck Hillel students only.

Tuition includes specialty supplies.

Imagination has no limit, but classroom space does. 

For details, please contact Nata LeviSummer Fun Program Director.

List of 6 items.

  • Art

    The young artist in you will have a chance to experiment with different types of materials as you learn basic art skills. Your creative powers will expand as you discover your own talent in making art!
  • Cooking

    Are you a junior chef or a foodie? You’ll enjoy this cooking class as you learn basic skills and experiment with different foods and flavors. The best part: You’ll get to eat what you make!
  • Fitness

    In this class, students will enjoy mental and physical exercises designed to increase awareness of their emerging identities. By realizing higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence, and the power of positivity, students will develop their own “cosmic coolness” and have some fun!
  • Gardening

    Learn about gardening by planting your own seeds and watching them grow with the proper care. As you do so, you will appreciate the beauty in all of nature and the need to respect and conserve it.  
  • Music

    Music is so much more than do-re-mi! In this class, you’ll appreciate all types of music and instruments!
  • Science

    Learn how to create slime, rockets, and edible science creations
*The program is predominantly staffed by experienced Scheck Hillel Community School faculty. Classes are capped to ensure student:teacher ratio and experience. 

Juda and Maria Diener Lower School | Samuel and Henrietta Scheck Middle School | Ben Lipson Upper School