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Ben Lipson Upper School Clubs

Grades 6-8 Clubs

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  • Brain Games Club

    Are you interested in a brain workout? Join us for some mind-twisting exercises that will push your brain to function in ways never imagined.
  • Board Games Club

    Have you ever wished that you could play board games during school? Well, now you can. Join the Board Game Club and enjoy games like Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, etc.
  • Chessed Club

    Want to do Chessed/Kindness? Chessed Club is a student-driven club where we plan and actualize Chessed projects and drives for our community.
  • Debate & Public Speaking Club

    By participating in our Debate Club, students will learn the art of persuasion and public speaking. The goal is for students to become comfortable speaking in public by researching topics and making claims that support their opinion.
  • Doodle/Coloring Club

    In this club, students will practice all sorts of pencil-on-paper artistic expressions. Don't forget to bring your art pencils, crayons and sketchbooks.
  • Friendship Bracelet Club

    In Friendship Bracelet Club, students will spend time creating bracelets, anklets, and necklaces that will be shared with friends
  • Hebrew Songs Club

    Do you love Hebrew songs? Would you like to sing them with your friends? If so, the Hebrew Song Club is for you!
  • Magic Club

    Are you the next Houdini or David Blaine? Learn how to mesmerize your family and friends with magic and optical illusions in the Magic Club.
  • Mindfulness/ Meditation Club

    Is life stressing you out? Would you like to set-aside some time to engage in mindful moments and meditation? Join us as we enter a more peaceful dimension.
  • Mishmar Club

    Are you interested in growing your knowledge of all things Jewish? If so, the Mishmar Club is for you! Watch videos, discuss relevant halachik topics and delve further into the parasha and holidays.
  • Photography Club

    Photography has been called “painting with light”. In this club we will take pictures, share our best and learn about how to take even better pictures. While our phones and automatic cameras make it easy, it’s possible to develop “your photographic eye” to make your pictures spectacular!
  • Puzzle Club

    Are you a puzzle wiz? If so, the Puzzle Club is for you.
  • Rock & Read Club

    Come read your favorite book in a soothing environment surrounded by mellow music and friends.
  • Sewing Club

    Have you ever wanted to design and sew your own products? Bring your ideas to life in Sewing Club. Learn the basics of sewing machine operations and basic sewing techniques.
  • Sports Club

    Do you love sports? If you are interested in having more athletics in your day, consider joining our Sports Club.
  • STEM Project Club

    Do you enjoy building and creating? If so, you will want to be part of our STEM Project Club. Please join us!
  • Test Prep Club

    SAT and ACT Tests are right around the corner. If you are interested in getting a head start in learning how to prepare for these tests, the Test Prep Club is for you.
  • Theatre Club

    Do you enjoy acting? If so, join our Theatre Club! We will perform small skits, read screenplays and we may even write our own scripts.

Grades 9-12 Clubs

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  • Achieve Miami

    Achieve Miami facilitates volunteer projects and activities for students in low-income Miami area schools.  
  • Band Club

    The Band Club is for students who are in band and want more practice outside of class. This allows students to get a better understanding of the music while in a fun environment.  
  • Best Buddies

    Best buddies is a club that facilitates friendships between students with special needs and Scheck Hillel students. Friendships are formed through sports games, lunch meetings and fun events. Best buddies provides these children with a sense of comfort by integrating them into the Scheck Hillel community.

    CADENA is an international organization that provides hand in hand help before, after, and during natural, economic, and social disasters. As a club we provide opportunities for high school students to reach out to others in need- wether it is in the local community or globally. 
  • Chapman Partnership

    I want to visit Chapman partnership, a homeless shelter that helps parents find jobs and get back on track, while their families live in the shelter. I want to go to this shelter and entertain the kids and make them feel like they are important.
  • Chess Club

    Our clubs aim is to gather all the kids that have a true desire to become better at chess and excel as chess players.
  • Current Events

    Our mission is to update students on current events and spark debate/conversation. By showing them documentaries, news articles, and things similar to we hope to keep students aware of what’s going on in the world.
  • Debate Club

    Our mission is to teach people how to have effective arguments and how to articulate their opinions in a respectful and clear manner. We aim to do presentations and mock debates to achieve this goal. 
  • Design for the Community Club

    In the Design for the Community Club, members are able to bring together their creative minds and their passion for community service. For example, in past years, members have made dolls, blankets, hats and plush hearts for children at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital from scratch. 
  • Environmental Club

    The goal of our club is to improve the environmental responsibility of our school and to educate our school community on matters of environmental stewardship. 
  • Film Club

    Our mission in film club is to watch and analyze films and movies, looking into the screenplay, writing, direction, and themes of these films. Our members will gain a better insight into the film industry in a fun and engaging environment. 
  • Game Design Club

    We will be learning how to program video games using such languages as Python C++ and Java.
  • Geography Club

    The geography club’s main focus is to promote awareness of Geography and other Social Sciences. Members of the club will have opportunities to engage in social events, field trips, and academic competitions.   
  • Health Club

    We will be meeting on Thursdays and discussing how to improve eating habits and live a healthy life as a teenager. our goals are to help people who want to start eating healthy and struggle with it.
  • Marine Life Awareness

    This club is to engage students in ocean awareness and how we can prevent future destruction of marine life habitats. 

    Our club fundraises money for our annual house building project in Costa Rica, for impoverished communities.
  • The Roar Post

    Scheck Hillel's student-led High School digital newspaper.  
  • Tikvah Games

    The goal with this club is to help kids with special needs feel hope and feel loved by bringing them happiness through sports. 
  • Tutoring Club

    The Tutoring Club aims to provide tutoring support services for students in the middle school, from students in the high school who excel in particular subjects.  
  • Wall Street Club

    Our goal is to provide knowledge and information on topics related to the stock market, investing and banking.  
  • We Believe in Kindness

    We Believe in Kindness is a nonprofit organization that provides mental health education and empowerment. We also use the power of stories to inspire change. Our mission is to create social change by using kindness as a tool to change lives. 
  • WIZO

    WIZO helps less fortunate communities in Israel. We provide safety for abandoned babies, neglected children, at-risk youth and abused women. We do this through our over 800 centers, programs and shelters. Established 100 years ago, WIZO continues to provide social services to all that need help. My goal with having this club is to help every kid in Israel that needs our help and protection.

    Students participate in an annual Model UN competition in Connecticut, hosted by Yeshiva University. 
  • Books Across Borders

    This club is dedicated to collecting books for donation to students in countries who lack resources to purchase books.
  • Chessed Club

    The Chessed Club focuses on performing acts of kindness for others in both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Some events including visiting the elderly, the annual Chanukah toy drive, volunteer Thanksgiving meal program, Pesach food drive and visiting sick patients in hospitals.
  • Elderly Helpers Club

    The Elderly Helpers Club visits with senior citizens at local nursing homes. Every other week, they spend time with residents, make them cards, and help serve their meals. Elderly Helpers pride themselves on bettering the days of those who do not have their families and friends around them.
  • Entrepreneur Club (E-Club)

    The E-Club is a unique opportunity for students to explore the business world firsthand. Through meetings with various business leaders in the community, E-Club learns about business skills, values, and day to day operations of a successful company.
  • Friends of the IDF (FIDF)

    The FIDF Club works closely with the Greater Miami chapter to support the brave soldiers of the IDF.  Throughout the year, students run fundraisers and volunteer at annual FIDF events.  This club serves as a unique way for students to connect to their counterparts in Israel.
  • HIPAC Israel Club

    The Hillel AIPAC club provides an opportunity for students to develop skills to defend and lobby for the interests of the State of Israel in the US Government.  Through dedication and commitment, student activists and leaders earn the privilege to travel to Washington to meet with members of Congress to lobby for Israel.
  • J-STAR (Jewish Students Taking an Active Role)

    J-STAR is a club that focuses on community outreach activities.  J-STAR strives to make service something that all students see as a critical part of their lives.
  • Jewish Mysticism Club

    This club delves into the deepest secrets of the Torah.  They study a variety of concepts from Kabbalah, creation, the interaction between the finite and infinite, and  the secrets of the Mitzvot.
  • Map of the Modern World

    This club is a forum for interested students to explore current events and the most significant changes in our world.  We discuss a variety of issues, ranging from terrorism, and political instability, to culture and life around the world.
  • NCSY Club

    The local Hillel NCSY chapter meets on a weekly basis to discuss modern Jewish issues that affect teens.  Their mission is for students at Scheck Hillel to strengthen their Jewish pride and connection to Jewish traditions.
  • Peer Mentoring Club

    This club was designed to help middle school students looking for academic support in school subjects.  Students receive tutoring from high school students who excel in specific subject areas.
  • Project Appreciate

    Throughout the school year, Project Appreciate collects money from grateful students and parents, and donates gifts cards to school maintenance and food service staff in appreciation for their hard work and dedication.
  • Spirit Club

    The Spirit Club gives Hillel students an opportunity to express their school spirit and pump up the crowd at school sporting events.  We aim to unite our school community through Lion Pride Ruach!
  • Sustainability Club

    The Sustainability Club works to help “green” the Scheck Hillel community and campus. Through environmental protection and education, we hope to spread our message and help keep our planet clean and beautiful.
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