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Summer School

If you are interested in summer enrichment, please review our many options and submit the form below. If you are interested in earning academic credit through summer school, please contact Director of Summer School, Jessica Best, at summer@eHillel.org. Thank you!

Summer Enrichment Interest Form

Summer School Enrichment

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  • Coding - Grades 6-8

    This two-week course provides students with the opportunity to take coding to the next level: beyond the classroom. Students will learn to write JavaScript (the language of the internet). Students will explore programming essentials such as data types, variables, arrays, strings, and loops. A laptop is required for this course.
    Two week courses
  • Computer Science - Grades 9-12

    Students will explore high level programming languages, such as Java, Python, and C++. Together, we will explore programming essentials such as data types, variables, arrays, strings, and loops. A laptop is required for this course.
    Three week course
  • Continuous Reading & Math Support - Grades 3-6

    This dual course will focus on teaching students with varying learning difficulties in the areas of math and reading. The curriculum with be individualized to meet each student’s needs through a multi-sensory language based approach. Phonemic awareness, spelling, oral reading fluency, comprehension and fundamentals in math will be taught in a fun and engaging environment.
    One week courses
    Three week courses
  • ESOL - Grades 3-12

    This course is designed for non-native speakers of English at the beginning level of English proficiency.  ESOL is taught to develop vocabulary, phonemic awareness, reading skills and strategies, writing skills, and to increase listening proficiency.
    Three week courses
  • Intensive Reading & Writing - Grades 3-12

    This course is designed for students who need to develop English language arts skills. The course focuses on identification and remediation of specific reading and writing skills through guided practice using a variety of level-based materials. The steps of the writing process are an explicit emphasis, so students can generate different forms of writing. 
    One week courses
    Three week courses
  • Math Foundations - Grades 3-8

    This course is designed to prepare students for greater success in their future math studies.  Students’ content knowledge will be strengthened in the five areas of mathematics, including numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability.
    Three week courses
  • Mathematical Thinking - Grades 8-12

    This course is designed for students who are currently enrolled in a high school math course and whose pre-requisite skills need strengthening. Students will be prepared to enter their next math class with greater confidence and competency. 
    Three week courses
  • Mechina - Grades 8-11

    Jewish foundations class for students without Judaic background.
    Three week courses
  • Pep Band - Grades 7-12

    Students will learn a wide range of popular songs that can be performed as an ensemble at different events during the school year. Students will develop proficiency in musicianship, and understand how to perform advanced music in an ensemble. Students must have at least 2 years experience in Band to be able to participate in Summer Pep Band. Exceptions may be made at the Band director's discretion.  There will be a week break in the middle of this session.

    Tuesday, June 19 – Thursday, July 26
    Meet on Tuesday & Thursdays
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  • Project Runway - Grades 6-9

    Students will get to design their own projects from start to finish. They will express their creative styles, learn sewing techniques, and walk the runway.  All students will get to experiment with different types of fabric and even have a chance to add a bit of "bling" to their designs with lights using special conductive thread and building a circuit within their own wearable creation!
    One week courses
  • Reading & Writing Enhancement - Grades 3-12

    Students will work to develop and enhance advanced skills in reading and writing through a variety of creative and engaging activities, including individualized, leveled reading selections based on skill and interest.  Furthermore, structured practice in careful/intentional/purposeful use of the writing process to generate different forms of writing will be implemented.
    One week courses
    Three week courses
  • Robotics - Grades 6-9

    Everything from cars and smartphones to thermostats and gaming consoles are tied to robotics and mechanical engineering. Whether you dream of becoming a Hardware Designer at Apple or an Aerospace Technician at NASA, your robotics path starts here! Using the EV-3, students will become robot builders as they learn to program and create battlebots.

    One week courses
  • Science Enrichment Program - Grades 3-5

    Weekly activities include: The Physics of Planes, Boats and Automobiles; CSI: Forensics Discovery; Plants and Animal Science; Egg-citement and more!
    One week courses

  • Study/Organizational Skills - Grades 3-12

    Students will learn how to break assignments into subtasks, manage their time efficiently, regularly review notes and handouts from class, store papers in an organized manner, and practice effective study techniques. Skills are applicable for all subjects.
    One week courses
    Three week courses
  • Ulpan - Grades 3-12

    Level 1 Hebrew
    Three week courses