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Building Jewish Future

Building Jewish Future Messages

Building Jewish Future messages from Vanessa Donaher, Scheck Hillel Community School's Head of School, celebrate news and milestones that mark continued advancement of our students’ educational experiences.

Building Jewish Future Video Series

The videos below showcase areas of focus within Scheck Hillel Community School's curriculum and student experience.
They capture the essence of our educational philosophy and offer you a look into how we are building Jewish future, together. 


The Scheck Hillel Graduate

Dual Curriculum

Project-Based Learning

Personalized Learning


Scheck Hillel's Educational Philosophy

Scheck Hillel builds our Jewish future through your child’s success by tailoring education to the individual child for a personalized, rigorous college preparatory experience. Students develop identity, nurture talent, discover passion and find purpose as our rising generation of creators, innovators and leaders. Scheck Hillel sets the standard for educational excellence by inspiring students to ask, “Who do I want to be?” rather than, “What do I want to do?” This shift empowers students to become reflective global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values, ready and eager to write the next chapter through their own definitions of success, happiness and fulfillment.