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Back to School 2019-2020

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  • Dress Code

    Dress Code 2019-20 (Coming Soon)
  • Student Orientation Schedule

    Welcome to 2019-2020 at Scheck Hillel Community School! Student Orientation provides students and parents with an opportunity to learn more about their Scheck Hillel Experience; the schedule follows. If you have any questions, please always feel free to contact the office of your child’s division director. We look forward to sharing the school year with you!
    Our Scheck Hillel uniform/dress code is applied to student orientation.
    Student Orientation Schedule (Coming Soon)
  • Back to School Night Schedule

    We are pleased to share this year’s schedule of Back to School Night events: when we come together, family and school. At Back to School Night, we give parents an opportunity to meet teachers and counselors to learn about goals and expectations. If you have any questions, please contact any of your children’s teachers or the division office. We look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night!

    Back to School Night Schedule (Coming Soon)
  • Supply Lists

    For your convenience, PKT-Grade 5 school supplies are included in tuition; Scheck Hillel will provide your children’s classroom materials throughout the school year. We only ask that you take care of the following personal items. Thank you!

    Change of clothes
    Large bag of diapers
    Diaper ointment
    Baby wipes (3 packages)

    Change of clothes
    Baby wipes (2 packages)

    Headphones (1 set, student's choice of color)

    Grade 1:
    Headphones (1 set, student's choice of color)
    Soft pocket pencil pouch (student's choice of color)

    Grades 2-5:
    2 pairs of headphones or earbuds for General Studies and Judaic Studies/Hebrew Language (One pair must have a microphone, student's choice of color)
    1 soft pocket pencil pouch (student's choice of color)

    Grades 6-8 Supply Lists:
    Grade 6 
    Grade 7
    Grade 8

    Grades 9-12 will receive supply lists from classroom teachers during the first week of school. 
  • Summer Review Packets: Grades 2-12 (Rising Grade Levels)

  • Medical Information and Forms

    Please note: Every student's updated blue/yellow forms and medical authorization form must be submitted to the Nurse's Office prior to the first day of school.
    Medical Information and Forms
    Child Care Application for Enrollment
    Influenza Virus Brochure
    Food Allergies
    Grade 6 Scoliosis Screenings 
  • Carpool, Driving, & Parking

    Please log into the portal to view ID Card, Driving and Parking Policies.
    All parents, students and faculty/staff must renew their car decals for the 2019-2020 school year.
    New families, please contact the Admissions office for assistance.

    Lower School Carpool Form - Coming Soon
  • After-School Program

    Register Here

    Our 2019-2020 After-School Enrichment Program for PK3-Grade 12 offers options in STEM, Health & Wellness, Creative Arts, and Conversation & Connection. Your child can spend their afternoons expanding critical thinking skills, cultivating talents, and nurturing their bodies and minds. Our After-School Program is an extension of Scheck Hillel's curriculum, creating opportunities for students to maximize achievement, foster identity and explore passions in a range of learning environments.

    Any questions? Please contact Nata Levi, After-School Program Coordinator.
  • Athletic Physicals

    Welcome to Scheck Hillel Community School's portal for paperwork submission for all students interested in participating in athletics here at school. The safety and well-being of our students are shared priorities; thank you for your partnership.
    • Please take the required steps outlined below so your child may submit everything necessary to participate in Scheck Hillel athletics.
    • Once you submit your information, scanned physicals and completed forms will appear in the system within or after 24 hours. 
    • Everything must be submitted before being approved to play, so please complete all forms prior to the day of try-outs.
    Note: Your child’s pediatrician must conduct the sports physical and complete the physical’s medical form.
    Instructions for ATS Student Portal and Registration

    To Get Started

    Step #1 Open your web browser of choice and go to (do not enter www.)
    Step #2  To register for the first time, log in with the following information (note: you will create your own log-in information for future use on the next screen):
    1. Athlete ID: "new"
    2. Password: "new"
    3. Database: atsehillel
    Step #3 Once you are logged in, please complete all three required tabs (GeneralInsurance and Emergency Contact). Please note:
    1. You will be unable to save or proceed until everything is entered.
    2. All fields in yellow are required.
    3. Primary medical insurance is a requirement to participate in Athletics at Scheck Hillel Community School.
    4. Your student ID is whatever you want as your login (please keep track of your login ID and password).
    5. If you know your Hillel Student ID, please enter it as your alternate ID. 
    Step #4  When you have completed all 3 tabs, please verify and save the information.
    Step #5  Once registration is complete you will see the following tabs: GeneralPaperworkInsuranceContactsForms andeFiles.
    Step #6  The eFiles tab is where you will print off the form to be completed by your child's Physician. Complete and thenscan/take a picture and upload the signed and completed forms.  The required form can also be found here for print off and upload. 
    Step #7 Under the Forms tab, there are 6 different forms that must be completed and signed.
    1. Athletic/Parent PPE History
    2. Concussion Statement
    3. Heat Waiver
    4. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    5. HIPAA/Privacy Release
    6. Consent and Release from Liability
    Please make sure all of your information is valid and complete. If the information is either incomplete or there are forms missing, your child/children will NOT be allowed to participate in Athletics.

    Thank you, and go Lions!